One Room Challenge

Ok, ladies and gents, this is one HARD challenge!

Alek of From The Right Bank to the Left Coast has challenged all interior design bloggers to find one room/picture that encompasses your style. Now, all of you design lovers out there know that this is cruel and unusual punishment. But upon further inspection, I realized that this is actually fun! Hard? Yes. Torturous? Yes! But all decisions aside, this challenge really pushed me to define my style. I have a million pictures in my deco files, but I have a wide array of tastes, so as I was looking through them, I realized that as much as I love and am inspired by all of these rooms, only a few I loved completely and fully. So after much deliberation, I've stepped up to this challenge and chosen my room(!):

White walls
Bright, colorful accents
Beautiful built-ins
Big, big mirror
Modern Coffee Table
Updated Louis XVI chair
Wood Floors
Loft Ceiling
Saarinen Tulip Side Table
Simple yet powerful pallet

Now, Alek has so graciously turned this challenge into a seasonal occurrence, so I'm not obligated to my choice for ever and ever!

So now I turn the challenge back to you: What's your style in one picture?



Cruel and unusual punishment but in a good way! ;) I'm so glad you took the challenge. I like this room for all the same reasons you've listed. Those floors and fireplace are just amazing and so is the mix of patterns. Thanks so much for playing along!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

That fireplace is GORG! And the pops are pink totally do it for me!