Long time, no speak!

Well I found myself an apartment in Louisville, right in the heart of Bardstown, so I couldn't be happier! I moved in Saturday and am giving myself the week to unpack and get my life together. Also, I should find out about a promising job offer at the end of this week, so send some love my way for that YES I want to hear! I don't have internet or cable right now, so posts will continue to be minimal for a while longer... I can't wait to be able to explore my creative side again! These last two weeks have left me deprived of your blogs and the creative world in general due to constant business and chaos -- not good!

My day/week will continue to declutter the boxes that have exploded all over my apartment, with some friend-time and exploring my surroundings thrown in the mix... Oh it's so nice to be near friends again!!

{image via We Heart It}