My Name is Jessie, and I'm an Addict

In honor of this confession, I'm admitting mine too:
Alexa Chung rocks my socks.
And I get a little too giddy when a new great picture/outfit pops up.So there. Addicts, unite!

{Images via NYMag and Garance Dore}


I Can See Right Through You

This dining room is fantastic: open, airy, and practically non-existent!
The combination of lucite, glass, and mirrors creates a space that
focuses on the best features of a dining room: the people and the food!
I love how your eye doesn't feel the need to settle on any one part of the room.
It's so pleasant and inviting to bask in natural light while enjoying good eats and great company.
Go here to check out the rest of the house.

{Images via Shootfactory}


Manic Monday

If it has to Monday, we can at least have a little fun...

Welcome, Week! Let's make it a good one, please!!

And three links to inspire you:
*A beautiful blue photostream
*Food tastes best when it's for a great cause
*A nautical chandelier that's both classy and kitschy

{Images via We Heart It}


Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak

"Love blooms like crocuses:
dirty, brave."

-- Antay Bilgutay

{image via Max Wanger}


Weekend {Love}

Well, friends, another week gone!
I've done more this week than I have in a long time, which is sad, but at least this weekend feels more deserved and less like just another weekday! Heading home to visit the two special ladies I wished Happy Birthday yesterday, though the rain is putting a damper on my drive. I prefer windows down, music blasting, and a hoarse throat by the time I reach my destination -- I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad for this trip!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend lounging around, enjoying the last of the warm weather {if you're lucky to not have the rain}, getting caught up in fun projects, and just enjoying your time off. See you Monday!

{photographer Todd Cole, via here}


Birthday Wishes!

It's a little late in the day, but I wanted to give a shout out to my mom and sister who are celebrating their birthday(s) today! They're two of my favorite people, to say the least, so I hope they had a wonderful day! The sister is turning 18, so now I feel old!

{Image via Restart My Heart}

Digital Goodness

This week's digital goodness is a sneak preview of Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland, set to release March 2010. I can't even contain my excitement over this!! I'm pretty much a slave for Time Burton and Johnny Depp on principle, but this does look good enough to meet such high expectations. Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter... it's going to be fantastically creepy and beautiful at the same time! Enjoy....

Tim Burton's : Alice in Wonderland (Teaser) from Vanspauwen Glenn on Vimeo.




Exciting news?!?!
Just maybe...

Lonny {London+NY}
will be on the lips of all Domino lovers soon enough when the first issue of this online-based design magazine launches October 1. Former Domino editor Michelle Adams has paired up with Patrick Cline to help fill the void Domino left with an attempt to combine print and digital publishing.
"Lonny will be broken down into sections, similar to a print title, including front-of-book market pages, art and culture, fashion and features... The format will let readers “flip through pages,” much like a print magazine, and readers will be able to shop directly from the pages by clicking on items."
How great does this sound? It was a sad day when we lost Domino, and though some magazines have stepped up their content to help satisfy the displaced market, few have been able to successfully do so. I will miss the tangible pages of a traditional magazine, but I have high hopes for this online venture and can't wait to see the finished product! Go here to read the full article.

Haute Hippie

About a month ago I stumbled across
Haute Hippie's fall collection and I adore it!

They have amazing statement necklaces that
work well dressed up or dressed down.

Even the more casual pieces are glitzy
enough to add flair to any outfit
-- sparkle makes everything better!

I really love their shift dresses paired with boots
because it makes the outfit more carefree and casual.

And is it me or does this model look like
she could be Mischa Barton's sister???
I can't get past it.
Maybe it's just me but I see an uncanny resemblance!


Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak

"Will government ever let us marry?"
-- Vicki Marsh

{Image via WeHeartIt}


It's good to be back!
Wiping your hard drive is painful, but I managed to get away with just a loss of the last four months worth of internet bookmarks. Sucks, but not as bad as it could have been!

I've missed a couple of my favorite posts this week, so I'll try to get them out soon. For now I'll leave you with a montage of some great accessory spotlights.

{Image Polly Wreford for Sarah Kaye, Decor 8, Deadly Nightshade, Apt 34, Design*Sponge
, Bliss, respectively}


Bad News

My computer officially died at 5pm today.
I was hit hard by a destructive Trojan virus and less than 24 hours later I'm the unfortunate owner of a brand new door stop!!

So until I can wipe my hard drive and reinstall an operating system, posting will be at a minumum... hopefully that won't be too long!

My theory is that I'm getting ALL of my bad luck out of the way and should be free and clear for, oh say, the next 10 years at least I'm thinking.

Happy Friday!
{image via Pigeon toed}


Digital Goodness

This week's digital goodness is brought to you by Ms. Rachel Zoe herself! I know many of you either love or hate her, but I love love love her! She twittered this video last night -- it's spot on, and funny to boot!

"These watermelons are Bananas." Love it!


NYFW Recap: Monday, 9/14, Part 1

Barbara Tfank:
Very much the 1940s, very well-constructed

Carlos Miele:
Miele rocked sheer and separates, with some fantastic colors and prints

Carolina Herrera:
A little heavier than usual, but loving the playful colors and cuts

Chris Benz:
Polka dots! Sequins! Rainbows! Benz just put the Fun back in Fashion!

Devi Kroell:
Simple silhouettes, an array of colors, and lots of shiny pieces

Donna Karan:
This collection is just begging to be worn; it's all about movement and the pieces look permanently suspended in motion

Douglas Hannant:
True to form, Hannant delivers pieces that are elegant and beautifully-crafted

J. Mendel:
"...a little something to make you dream." Impeccably constructed. It's like trying to define a cloud... perfection. Please go look NOW!

{All images via Style.com}