I'm recovering from the last 6 days in all sorts of ways, including, but not limited to, guitar sessions on summer nights, laughing {a lot}, Huddle House brunches, catching up on all of your blog posts, watching Harry Potter 4, saying goodbye to new friends, reliving the week through pictures, creating packing lists, etc, etc...

Today, I am officially unemployed and tomorrow{s} brings job- and apartment-hunting galore!

This past week was wonderful and exhausting and sad and perfect and I'm so happy I was able to end my time at Centre College {for the second time..} with Caretta and a fun night with friends.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to my recovery :)

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Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak

"What were once two, are one."
-- George Saunders

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Into the Wild

Well, lovelies, I'm off to West Virginia where I'll be disconnected from the digital world for 5 whole days! I hope everyone has some fun stories for when I get back!

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Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak

Coffee, my vice. So was he.
-- Alessandra Rizzotti

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She's Dressed In Yellow...

She says Hello :)

I'm loving the colors and those shoes!! Doesn't she epitomize everything you think the South of France should be? Simple, colorful, and effortless.
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Cannes You Feel It?

Fashion's in the air, most recently at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. I always enjoy looking at the red carpet glamor, as I'm sure most of you do, and was not let down this year! The neutrals won it for me, these being my three favorite looks so far. There are three more days left, so who knows what is still left to see!
{Diane Kruger in Marchesa, Hilary Swank in Armani Privé, Penelope Cruz in John Richmond}

I know I said I was on hiatus, but I can't completely stay away... so you can expect to see a post here and there when something really catches my eye! Happy Thursday-almost-Friday-almost-the-weekend! :)

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I'm going to be taking a blogging hiatus for a few weeks because it's do or die time for finding a job and a place to live in Louisville! All this searching, interviewing, and packing barely leaves me time to enjoy of your blogs!

Next week I'll be chaperoning the First Year Service Trip to Caretta, WV where we'll be fixing up homes in the Appalachian Mountains. When we come back, it'll be time to pack up and move out (hopefully!).

So I hope you all have a great 3 or 4 weeks and I look forward to having my time back as my own soon!! :)

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Sisterly Love

I spent the weekend in TN helping out with the chaos that is Junior Prom for my younger sister, Chelsea. For all the drama and monsoon coming down upon us, everything ended up working out just fine and she looked beautiful! I can't believe she looks so grown up... doesn't she look great in red?
{Chelsea and her date Anthony; With her best friend Grace}

Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak

Thought, "great legs!" Said, "Great smile!"
-- Lionel Ancelet

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They're almost here...

Can I just say that I'm so happy that it's after 8pm and we still have a blue sky? I love summer nights far more than I like summer days, and it seems that they're almost here... :)
{I can't remember exactly where I got this picture but I believe it was Coco + Kelley!}

Pearls {of Wisdom?}

1. My interview went very well yesterday! {Try not to get your hopes too high, and don't quit your search prematurely}
2. I have another interview tomorrow! {It's always good to have more than one option... eggs in one basket thing...}

3. Don't hold a campus event celebrating the statue that is central to a student tradition of streaking without expecting 15+ people to actually streak during the ceremony. {too funny.. all caught on tape!}

4. We had our end-of-the-year banquet last night for the Bonner Program and it was wonderful. We'll be losing a great class of seniors and it's sad to see them go. Last night got to me more than I anticipated -- it feels like I'm graduating all over again! The first year students, whom I work with mostly, gave me this necklace as a Thank You, and I love it!! I will miss them all :) {Sometimes your work is recognized and it makes all the times you've grumbled about your efforts melt away.}
5. Gloomy weather + Already tired You = Not so fun start to the day
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Wish Me Luck!

I'm off to my interview and this is the job I really want! Wish me luck!
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Monday, Monday

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday! We had perfect weather for the weekend and the family visit was great. I cooked ravioli with roasted butternut squash and sage brown-butter sauce for dinner and it was so yummy and then made fresh herb omelets for Sunday breakfast. Mom brought up a some pink peonies from her garden and they make my living room smell wonderful :)
{a little photoshop fun...}

Mondays are usually pretty hectic at work, trying to get back on track from Friday and there are always meetings to gear up for the week ahead. If I were wearing this dress {one of the Carmen Marc Valvo dresses being sold at Rue La La today}, I would be the perfect accessory to our sunny day and Monday would be so much less stressful!


Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak

"Red-eye. Him window. Me aisle. Love." -- Joanne Flynn Black

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Happy Friday!

Well, friends, despite the monsoon outside of my window, today has been a good day!It started off with sunshine and enough warmth to wear a dress, my necklace arrived {a-mazing in person}, and I got not one but two interviews lined up! To bring you up to speed: I had plans of moving to Seattle when my job ends this month, but I can't afford to break the bank for a cross-country relocation at the moment, so I'm going to spend the next couple of years in Louisville, KY with my friends. I've been actively searching for a job {albeit they were all in Seattle, which is a much tougher market and much farther away} for about 6 months now, and it's a rough world I tell you! It's nice to finally have a couple of things go my way, so *fingers crossed* that I can hook a job within the next month or so and find a place to live!
My family is visiting this weekend for Mother's Day and my choir concert, so it's going to be busy in the best way! What are you doing this weekend? I'm kicking mine off with a little house-cleaning and Gone In 60 Seconds... here's to fast cleaning and fast cars! Happy weekend!

{image 1 - via Bliss? or English Muse?, image 2 - via sfgirlbybay}

Garfunkel & Oates

If you love musicals {like myself}, you've probably wondered at some point what song you and your friends would belt out during life moments like telling a guy you only want to be friends, receiving the worst present you never wanted, or talking to your pregnant friend... no? Only me? Well, Garfunkel & Oats are to the rescue with their hilariously funny tunes that say what we're all thinking. Joanna featured Pregnant Women are Smug on Smitten this week and I couldn't resist sharing!

Here's a little taste of their all time, most disliked songs:

Love it!

The Great Ocean Walk

Doesn't this make you want to know more?
"Ten feral koalas.
Nine(ty) + kilometers.
Eight blisters.
Seven falls.
Six near-enough to injury or death experiences.
Five days, five nights.
Four national cultures.
Three men.
Two-man tent.
One mis-step after another."
Mark graduated Centre College a couple years ahead of me and has been in Australia on a Rotary Scholarship studying sociology at a local university. He's as fantastic of a person as he is a writer, and I wish I had gotten to know him better. Find out the rest of the story here!


I Would Like To...

Have these flowers back in bloom! It's a shame they only come around for a short while, but they're a nice memory for a gloomy day like today.

3/50 Project

I can commit to this -- Can you??{3/50 Project found via Black Eiffel}


Day 'n' Nite

I'm loving this song right now by Kid Cudi. It reminds of something my English friends would have been listening to while we lounged around someone's room at midnight. The video is similar to Kanye West's Good Life, but plays around more intimately with reality and fantasy.

My favorite parts are when the woman turns into the owl and claps and when the man turns into a bulldog... perhaps that's because I regularly associate people with their resembling-animal counterpart. Anyone else do that?


I Would Like To...

Live here for a day! How amazing is that view? And the couch? To die for!Today is one busy day -- my calendar is packed with pencil from 9am-10pm.
I hope everyone else is having a more relaxing day!

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How awesome are these shoes? ALDO, how I love thee.. chic and affordable!


Alice in Wonderland

This London flat called "Madhatter" and clearly the description is correct: pops of color, crazy clutter, and just a little bit refined.
I love this space, and am intrigued by the concept of contrasting the white common spaces with black and red in the private spaces. Do you think it's too much or just right?

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Keep all hands and feet inside the trampoline

How cool is this?
I bet my parents would have considered allowing an in-ground trampoline... so much safer!

{Found via


Rue La La

I have recently been allowed into the exclusive online boutique Rue La La and I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing! My friend, S, extended an invite to me after she put in her time on the wait list {see, it really is exclusive!} and I had no clue was I was getting into. If you don't know about it, Rue La La is "an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where Members discover premier-brand, private sale Boutiques, each open for just a brief window of time." Each boutique is open for 2 days, and 2 days only. There are a finite number of each item available and everything is waaaay discounted. Some of the most recent boutiques include Laundry by Shelli Segal, Moschino, Lily Pulitzer, Antik Jeans, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Balenciaga to name a few!

Seriously, friends, this is the most awesome website ever, and the worst thing for my bank account! I'm pretty good about just window shopping, but I couldn't pass up the Kenneth Jay Lane boutique this morning...
It opened at 11am and I really wanted the strawberry or pear necklace. I honestly could not make a decision and ended up dumping both into my 'bag' but by the time I checked out, the pear was sold out! And this was 11:40! This made my decision quite easy, so I ended up with the white strawberry pendant with Swavarski crystals for a ridiculously cheap price :)

If you are interested in getting an invite to Rue La La, feel free to send me an email {link on the side} and I'll get you in the door!