Falling for Fall

Now that we only have one month left in the summer, I already have Fall on the mind! It's my favorite season after Spring, maybe because the colors are equally as vivid, just a couple shades darker. A while back I saved this picture from Mrs. French's blog Bliss as color inspiration for a Fall room. I really love how the burnt shades of burgundy and orange blend so easily with the ivory and grey. This combination screams Fall Harvest to me; it's the perfect balance of cool and warm tones that creates such an inviting atmosphere. My love for grey is no secret by now and I think it serves as the perfect foundation to transition from a Summer pallet to a Fall pallet. With such a neutral base, it's easy to take a room from season to season just by changing the accent colors.

I also love how you can create casualness or luxuriousness in a room simply by playing with the richness of the grey and silver tones -- I really like both!

{Images via Bliss, Freshome, Barbara White}

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Courtney said...

I've started to really itch for autumn. That gray bedroom really embodies the perfect fall nest!