Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak

"Unrequited love is just another addiction."
--Amanda Faith Moore

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Will you be catching up on sleep this weekend? Taking a road trip? Catching up on blogs? Starting that DIY project you've meaning to do for months? Whatever your plan is for this weekend, I hope you have fun doing it!

*p.s. I'll be catching up on blogs and starting that DIY project!

{Images via Wet Behind the Ears}


It's Lonely in the Modern World

 Some of my recent favorites from Unhappy Hipsters: 
She’d been begging her parents to swap out the gravel for a real lawn, with chairs and everything. 
She hadn’t counted on their literalism.

(Photo: Dave Lauridsen; Dwell)
He’d hoped to procure one of the elusive “silver” pugs; this mutt stuck out like a sore thumb. 
That’s what he got for shopping with a non-AKC breeder.

(Photo: David Lauridsen; Dwell, November 2007)
Not on the grass, Sweetie. Never. On. The. Grass. See how much fun Daddy is having?

(Photo: Jack Thompson, Dwell, October 2009)
For the second time that week, the living room had conferenced without her. 
Small comfort, but the dining area appeared to be shut out as well.

(Photo: Hertha Hurnaus, Dwell, February 2008)


Runway, Her Way

Diane von Furstenburg's Resort 2010 collection was so colorful and flirty that I was so excited to see one of the dresses on Becki Newton in a recent episode of Ugly Betty. I wish I could have gotten a better screen shot, but I was struggling a bit! "Amanda" looked amazing in the dress and I loved the styling direction: tribal instead of the bows DVF presented with.

{Runway images via Style.com, screenshot via ABC for Hulu}


Manic Monday

If it has to be Monday, we can at least have a little fun...

Do you feel Spring in the air? It's starting to warm up which means the snow has finally melted! I'm currently ignoring the prediction of flurries later on in the week. On a positive note, I became an official resident of Kentucky today! I haven't had a good drivers license picture since I was 17, so it was a relief to know that I'll no longer get funny looks when showing my ID. Fashion Week has made its way to London and I can't wait to see what a few designers have in store, like Burberry, Henry Holland, and Vivienne Westwood. Have a great week, friends! P.S. how cute is that dog?!?

And three links to inspire you:
*Our favorite editorial website has gone down!
*You'll definitely want to make these rose ice cubes for a romantic event
*I almost can't believe these tattoos were created with a needle!

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Digital Goodness

Here's a little smattering of 'beauty, in motion...' from Lily and the Muse:

Welcome Evan from Emmanuel RESTIF on Vimeo.

Peony flower / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

One year in 120 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2010 from viacomit on Vimeo.

You never know what you're going to find there -- it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel for beauty, in motion! Go forth and explore...


Want more fashion?

Want to see more in-depth coverage on New York Fashion Week 2010?

Check out my other blog, Luxella!

Showing some of my favorite looks from the darlings of NYC!

INSPIRED BY: Katy Rodriguez

These colors remind me of sea glass washed up on the shore -- makes for a lovely, muted color palette.

{Images: Katy Rodriguez Spring 2010 collection, Living Etc, House Beautiful, Domino, Rodarte Marbled Dress}


Day Dreaming

Who wouldn't want to dress like this everyday? Comfortable, chic and classy.

Lutz & Patmos Fall 2010 collection is short but sweet, and did I mention comfortably chic already? If you're like me and your brain has left the winter and cold behind, their Spring 2010 collection is equally chic and much more colorful!



Manic Monday

You know the drill.. let's have some fun!

Snow, snow, and more snow! I feel like it's taking far too much time for the old snow to melt and the new snow is cramping my spring style. I've yet to go through all of the new Fall collections from New York Fashion Week, but I'm hearing that some are pretty outstanding, so can't wait to see what's out there! I'll have plenty of time this week to do that since I'm only working a couple of concentrated days: meaning I get to spend mucho money on becoming an official resident of Kentucky, applying for more countless jobs that I'll probably never hear from, and continuing the slow unpacking of my bedroom. Here's to a productive week!

And three links to inspire you:
*The most adorable Flickr set of Wall-E, for my roommate, K
*Surreal digital art that regularly acts as my desktop background
*Black bean and sweet potato quesadilla recipe that I need to try ASAP

{All images by Kerstin zu Pan whom I'm currently obsessed with}


Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010

New York Fashion Week starts today and the airwaves were a-Twitter with excitement to see what's in store for Fall 2010, but the baited breath of the fashion industry ended in gasp with the news of Lee "Alexander" McQueen's tragic death. He was found this morning in his London home after committing suicide. One can only assume the loss of close friend Isabella Blow in 2007 and the recent death of his mother February 2, 2010 had something to do with his demise. It saddens me beyond words to think of the fashion world without McQueen's art. Opera Chic said it best:

"More than anyone -- anyone, even John Galliano -- else in fashion, Alexander McQueen, who died earlier today in London at the tragically young age of 40, always made you feel unsure of what he would come up next -- he was always ready to surprise you.

The colors, the forms, always different and magic, so strange as to transform the world around them and take you to a different reality: looking at his clothes was like peering into a magic mirror.

Upon learning of his death, you feel sad -- you're choked up even if you didn't know him personally, because you feel as if fashion, and art, and the world are less colorful, and less magic, and -- quite simply -- just less interesting to look at now that McQueen is not around anymore."

Lee, you will most certainly be missed, in the worst of ways.
As exciting as this day started, it now ends in sadness.


Le Sigh

If there's any one person I could be for a day, it would surely be Charlotte Gainsbourg:
gentle demureness, impeccable style, and unbelievable heritage a perfect French girl makes.
Charlotte recently released her second album in which she collaborated with Beck, and I have yet to get my hands on it. Flaunt wrote a wonderful piece about Charlotte's inspiration and why this record is so different from her first.

"The Magnetic Resonance Imaging machinery engulfs the patient in alarming sounds that spin in circles, flashing past the ear drum, appearing above and below in almost marine-like fluctuations, as if replicating a life lived inside a clamourous alarm clock on the verge of malfunction-underwater."
"But with those sounds... when I first thought about putting them in a song, it was more about the energy and the wildness of it, and the disturbances, of course. But there was also something very agitated that I liked. It didn't frighten me. It wasn't to talk about that fear."

So in conclusion: le sigh.
Can't wait to hear the record and pretend to be French for a short while...

{via Refinery29 and Flaunt Magazine}