Going, Going, Gone..

Here's my sob story: I'm working 7 days a week between two jobs, plus going through the application process for grad school and trying to study for the GRE, in addition to making sure I enjoy the real world with friends, dinners, and social endeavors...

Unfortunately this is all is quite overwhelming and taxing on my sanity and spare time. I'm making the decision to go on a brief blogging hiatus while I figure things out, ride out the last few weeks of this never-ending work week, and make substantial strides towards grad school.

I have been able to keep my Tumblr blog going pretty easily since it's practically effortless and employs the wonderful 'queue' feature, so please feel free to visit for a pretty picture fix anytime!

I hope you stick with me through the rough patch and can join me again in the (hopefully) near future!! I love you allllll :)

*p.s. You can probably expect a post here and there, because let's face it, I can't stay away!


Cause for Celebration

Wishing myself a happy birthday! It's been a long, hard year but I made it to 24 :)

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Color Runnings

Have a great weekend!

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Spring Accessories: Gold

For spring accessories I'm really drawn to brushed gold. I bought these flats from Target yesterday on a whim, but now I can't get the color out of my head! I'd love to add these earrings from Shlomitofir's Etsy shop or the gold leaf headband from Urban Outfitters.

What are you wanting to pick up for the Spring season?


Family Tree

Again with the creative wall art -- can't get enough!
...and many more to come.

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Manic Monday

If it has to be Monday, we can at least have a little fun...

I got my first taste of what a 7-day work week feels like and it's quite exhausting I tell you. This is going to be a long 4 weeks! Here's to some relaxing images...

And three links to inspire you:
*I love Moleskin drawings
*Travel stories and guides from unknown authors
*10 things the iPod Generation will never experience

{Images: Alexes Bowyer, Nicolas Lorden, Andrea Huemmer, SmileB, Tony Katai}


Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak

"Love. Loss. Love lost. Stories gained."
--Kristen Jones

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Artistic Freedom

David DiMichele has become one of my new favorite artists I happen to stumble upon at the most unexpected times. You go looking for one thing, and discover something wonderful and entirely unrelated! This is an excerpt from his current current installation, a photographic series entitled Pseudodocumentation:
David DiMichele’s current body of work, Pseudo Documentation, is a series of large-scale photographs depicting grandiose installations in fantasy exhibition spaces. DiMichele creates this work by first building scale models of exhibition spaces, and producing original artworks in drawing, painting and sculpture mediums, which are sited in the spaces and then photographed to create the final works.

I love how exaggerated every piece is; I think that's what draws me in. I can imagine myself standing one of these pieces, absorbing its vastness. I like to be reminded that something is bigger than myself {which, on a sidenote, you'd think happens quite often considering I'm only 5'0!}; I find it quite humbling.

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I mentioned a DIY project that I was doing a couple weekends ago, and here are the results! I took inspiration from a post a while back from Design*Sponge where Kat Geiger put a new spin on a family photo using an old thesaurus and cut out pictures.

I decided that I didn't want the brown background, so I white-washed mine and used a purple tree silhouette in place of humans. After 2 days of painting and drying, and hours of laboring over that tree with an x-acto knife, my project was complete and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

I have a crappy point and shoot camera, so it doesn't really do the coloring justice, but you can just imagine it brighter, whiter, and more fabulous :)


Manic Monday

If it has to be Monday, we can have a little fun...

I start my new job today, so wish me luck! I spend the first 5 weeks training, so I'm not too worried; I know my brain will snap right back into learning mode easily! There's a lot going on this week, building up to my mom and sister coming into town for the weekend. I hope your week is sunny, productive, and you make time for a little fun!

And three links to inspire you:
*Corsage tshirts are all over the place this spring, and here's a tutorial to make your own!
*An adorable Craigslist missed connection
*This Flickr set shows the true, simple beauty of a flower

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Sunday's Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak

"Found Jewish princess. Good-bye succulent pork."
--Leah Damski

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Weekends Mean..

SUNSHINE! Finally our worlds are getting a little bit brighter with the onset of March.
Have a lovely weekend!

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Who What Wear: Alice

With the upcoming release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Who What Wear featured an Alice-inspired wardrobe. The accessories are spot-on, and how great is that runway inspiration?

Be sure to check out everything Who What Wear has to offer here!


Read All About It!

Two pieces of brief news:

1. Sometimes I question my sanity, because
I've taken on yet another digital outlet: feel free
to peruse my Tumblr at your leisure.
I come across so many wonderful and creative
things that move me in some way that I need
a simple and easy place to collect/share them:
enter Point of Origin.

2. I got a full-time job! It's nothing glamorous,
but it pays well, offers benefits, and provides me
with much-needed stability. When you've been
holding your breathe for almost a year,
you forget how nice it feels to let it out!

Hidden in Plain View

I love the idea of taking something unsightly and turning it into a
creative focal point. If you're like me, you dread ill-placed electrical
outlets and ugly cables, which is why this idea is so appealing!

Not only are the clips cute, but they're functional, allowing you to
create a shape on the wall.

And speaking of creating a shape...

How great is that?! I actually love that you can see the mantel art
leading into the lamp.

Another great idea, especially in a child's room is hiding the cables behind
a picket fence:

These suggestions have me thinking of cables in entirely different and new ways!



Manic Monday

If it has to be Monday, we can at least have a little fun...

I love neon colors, don't you? They're so invigorating and inspiring! The perfect way to start off a new week.

And three links to inspire you:
*Speaking of colors... these headphones will definitely put some sass in your step
*No one likes February, and this is something can help change that
*Have you seen Mystic River? Just a funny video to make you laugh

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