Guilty Pleasure

Though, it's a guilty pleasure, my Gossip Girl addiction is not one I'm ashamed of. Honestly? My life is so tragically drama-free that I love to revel in the absurd high school drama of the Upper East Side. Yesterday Apartment #34 linked an episode recap of Gossip Girl by NY Mag's blog, Daily Intel, which I found pretty entertaining. Today, my friend J asked if I follow Intel. Two mentions in two days? That's a sign.

{Spoiler Alert}
Here's a snippet of this week's Intel's Gossip Girl Recap -- They saved the best line for last:

When Dan calls his superfan we find out that "Scott" is actually Rufus and Lily's adopted son, which means he must have figured that out somehow, despite the fact that his adopted parents told Rufus and Lily he was dead. But wait: Why do Scott's parents pick up his cell phone? Does Scott still live at home? Wouldn't he have been conceived way before Dan and Jenny and therefore be too old? **OR: Did all of the drugs Lily consumed in the eighties mean he was born with flippers and therefore lives in a special pressurized tank upstairs? We can only hope.** Until then, Minus 5.

**I literally LOLd :)

Thanks E and J for the new blog find!

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