Earth Day, Every Day

Happy Earth Day!

I was inspired by design*sponge guest blogger Jess Chamberlain this morning. Her post was all about how to live Earth Day every day by making 3 simple changes: reusable bags (CHECK), a reusable coffee mug (check..), and a reusable water bottle (CHECK). These are items that we can buy almost anywhere these days and won't get lost in the black hole of resolutions past.

I'm proud to say that I use my reusable bags and water bottles religiously, but it's hit or miss with the coffee mug. The thing is that if I have a heated drink it's going to be tea, not coffee, and I usually have my tea at home. The 'miss' part comes into play when I'm out and about campus and stop by the cafe... I don't usually anticipate these trips so I rarely have my mug with me. I guess I need to be more intentional of my actions in this department!

As I mentioned, I was inspired by her post and suggested products, which included Baggu Bags, Thermos, and Earthlust water bottles. Where has Earthlust been all my life?! I'm in love. I immediately made the tough decision between these two bottles...

And ended up buying the purple dandelion bottle! No need to be sad if you preferred the green parsley bottle; it's officially on my wish list :) Speaking of wish lists, here is a list of things I would do today if I could:

Start a vegetable garden...Create a terrarium...
Spend time in an outdoor living room...Talk a walk outdoors...

At least the sun is shining today and we're half way through the week! I discovered that my schedule is completely free this weekend, so I'm thinking a trip into Lexington is due, where I'll take a delayed nature walk through the Arboretum... maybe even barefoot :)

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