A Spring Lecture on Anthropologie...

I am SO loving the softer side of fashion this season! If I had to put together my most romantic ideal wardrobe, the spring collection from Anthropologie would definitely provide some pertinent pieces. Gray has become my new favorite neutral to highlight bold and pastel colors alike. Ruffles, soft billows, roses, capped sleeves, delicate colors... how sweet!

The silhouettes on these dresses are so sweet and lady-like; they look good on most body types! I think the navy and yellow polka-dotted dress would make the cutest spring date outfit, and you could definitely wear the black ruffled one out at night. Who doesn't love a good dress?

These tops couldn't get any sweeter! I imagine a young lady of the royal family prancing around town in these amazingly delicate pieces. My two favorite pieces are the 3/4 length gray jersey and the blue and white striped button-up (what a great romantic twist to the classic shirt!).

I am so in love with these jackets. Honestly, they're perfection. That scalloped neckline makes anyone look divine and that bow?! Something about it screams casual Valentino... which I could definitely get used to :)

I'd wear any of these pieces in a heartbeat, and a they're pretty enough to make your heart skip a beat!

That orange bag is the perfect burnt shade to compliment beige and gray neutrals while those teardrop earrings add a touch of elegance to any ensemble. I would be completely content with any or all of these pieces... oh, a girl can dream!

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wide open spaces said...

wow - this collection of things is just breathtaking. i love nearly everything you've shown.