All's well that ends well

Well, I've waited a year and traveled for something, like, 13 hours to get to Seattle, but I'm finally here!! I was an exhausted, head-aching, famished, wet mess when I got here and wanted nothing more than to curl up in my assigned bunk bed at the Seattle Hostel, but after settling in and making the "I'm here and alive" phone calls back to Tennessee, I ventured out to find food. The closest place that was still open at 5:45pm was Ray's Cafe and Boathouse across the street.

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Ray's sits right on the bay shore and I was looking forward to eating my meal near a window. Now, it's a little daunting to eat meals in restaurants by yourself, but I knew going into this little vacation that I was going to get very comfortable with my own company. I popped a couple Excedrin, ordered the seared Ahi Tuna on Cucumber and ginger slaw, and finally felt able to relax and enjoy the view. The food was amazing and during the meal the clouds broke just in time to provide a gorgeous sunset for my viewing pleasure. It was in that moment that the long journey melted into the background and I realized that I was starting to experience the Seattle that I had imagined for so long.

Now as I sit here watching the sun go down, I'm planning my trip into the city tomorrow to experience the glory that is Pike Place Market! Markets are my favorite kinds of places to get lost, so I intend on clearing my schedule so that I can spend the day wandering stalls, shops, and walking under the flying fish.

Oh yeah, and since it is my birthday tomorrow, I'll be sure to stop by a cute little bakery to buy myself a celebratory cupcake :)

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