Hi, my name is...

Jessie, and if I were to list the two places where I've spent most of my life, some might consider me a "small town girl." Growing up in Mount Juliet, TN and attending college in Danville, KY could have easily condemned me to a life of monotony and sheltered experiences. Luckily, I've always had a strong sense of independence and a desire to travel with parents who have indulged many of my whims. To skip the long (but interesting) story of my 22 years, it would be sufficient to say that my permanent locale has never inhibited my cultural or life experiences.

To bring you up to speed, here's my fact sheet:

  • Recent graduate of Centre College
  • Currently holding my first "real" job at said college helping to run a scholarship program focusing on sustained community service
  • This position ends in May, so I'm currently doing the job search thing
  • The job search thing is really hard in this economy in addition to only offering a limited amount of experience
  • I'm ready to move out of the small towns of the world and the one place that is yelling my name above all of the rest is Seattle, WA
So that's my story. That's what my life is about these days: writing resumes and cover letters, praying for interviews, hoping someone in Seattle doesn't cross me off the long applicant list when they see I'd have so far to relocate, falling more in love with Seattle on a daily basis from 2,500 miles away, and finding ways to occupy my time in a town the size of my thumb...

So what have I found to do here in Danville?
I volunteer my time to help coach a club volleyball team for high school girls; I've acquired a slight obsession with creative outlets, most commonly in the form of DIY projects, design, decor and fashion; my bi-polar kitten is quite entertaining; I've recently discovered style and design blogs and resolve to only checking them 5 times a day; Danville has some killer antique and secondhand shopping; lastly, now that it's spring, I will definitely be enjoying the sun and green land that surrounds me on all sides.

Well, enough introductions! This blog is just a way for me to work through my ever-changing life, especially now that I'm at the brink of a huge life experience. The topic choice will be endless with my *exciting* life, so sit back and enjoy my ride... :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice Intro!! I'm glad I found this; I'm always up for a good blog!