Manic Monday

You know the drill.. let's have some fun!

Snow, snow, and more snow! I feel like it's taking far too much time for the old snow to melt and the new snow is cramping my spring style. I've yet to go through all of the new Fall collections from New York Fashion Week, but I'm hearing that some are pretty outstanding, so can't wait to see what's out there! I'll have plenty of time this week to do that since I'm only working a couple of concentrated days: meaning I get to spend mucho money on becoming an official resident of Kentucky, applying for more countless jobs that I'll probably never hear from, and continuing the slow unpacking of my bedroom. Here's to a productive week!

And three links to inspire you:
*The most adorable Flickr set of Wall-E, for my roommate, K
*Surreal digital art that regularly acts as my desktop background
*Black bean and sweet potato quesadilla recipe that I need to try ASAP

{All images by Kerstin zu Pan whom I'm currently obsessed with}

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