Le Sigh

If there's any one person I could be for a day, it would surely be Charlotte Gainsbourg:
gentle demureness, impeccable style, and unbelievable heritage a perfect French girl makes.
Charlotte recently released her second album in which she collaborated with Beck, and I have yet to get my hands on it. Flaunt wrote a wonderful piece about Charlotte's inspiration and why this record is so different from her first.

"The Magnetic Resonance Imaging machinery engulfs the patient in alarming sounds that spin in circles, flashing past the ear drum, appearing above and below in almost marine-like fluctuations, as if replicating a life lived inside a clamourous alarm clock on the verge of malfunction-underwater."
"But with those sounds... when I first thought about putting them in a song, it was more about the energy and the wildness of it, and the disturbances, of course. But there was also something very agitated that I liked. It didn't frighten me. It wasn't to talk about that fear."

So in conclusion: le sigh.
Can't wait to hear the record and pretend to be French for a short while...

{via Refinery29 and Flaunt Magazine}


Verse Chorus Fade said...

oui oui.
I find her more fascinating the more I investigate. The new record is fantastic!

Sarah Klassen said...