Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010

New York Fashion Week starts today and the airwaves were a-Twitter with excitement to see what's in store for Fall 2010, but the baited breath of the fashion industry ended in gasp with the news of Lee "Alexander" McQueen's tragic death. He was found this morning in his London home after committing suicide. One can only assume the loss of close friend Isabella Blow in 2007 and the recent death of his mother February 2, 2010 had something to do with his demise. It saddens me beyond words to think of the fashion world without McQueen's art. Opera Chic said it best:

"More than anyone -- anyone, even John Galliano -- else in fashion, Alexander McQueen, who died earlier today in London at the tragically young age of 40, always made you feel unsure of what he would come up next -- he was always ready to surprise you.

The colors, the forms, always different and magic, so strange as to transform the world around them and take you to a different reality: looking at his clothes was like peering into a magic mirror.

Upon learning of his death, you feel sad -- you're choked up even if you didn't know him personally, because you feel as if fashion, and art, and the world are less colorful, and less magic, and -- quite simply -- just less interesting to look at now that McQueen is not around anymore."

Lee, you will most certainly be missed, in the worst of ways.
As exciting as this day started, it now ends in sadness.

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Maggie May said...

It is truly sad.