It's Lonely in the Modern World

 Some of my recent favorites from Unhappy Hipsters: 
She’d been begging her parents to swap out the gravel for a real lawn, with chairs and everything. 
She hadn’t counted on their literalism.

(Photo: Dave Lauridsen; Dwell)
He’d hoped to procure one of the elusive “silver” pugs; this mutt stuck out like a sore thumb. 
That’s what he got for shopping with a non-AKC breeder.

(Photo: David Lauridsen; Dwell, November 2007)
Not on the grass, Sweetie. Never. On. The. Grass. See how much fun Daddy is having?

(Photo: Jack Thompson, Dwell, October 2009)
For the second time that week, the living room had conferenced without her. 
Small comfort, but the dining area appeared to be shut out as well.

(Photo: Hertha Hurnaus, Dwell, February 2008)


Courtney said...

I am in love with this website! So very, very clever.

Shandi said...

ha...i like this.