Orange {Crush might be too strong a word}

Yesterday Alek posted about orange walls, which I've yet to be convinced is the right choice for me. The color is definitely growing on me: I've moved from having an immediate visceral reaction to allowing the color to sink in before I judge it. In all honesty my orange aversion all started because growing up in Tennessee meant I was surrounded by by fanatic UT football fans who insisted on wearing, driving, and decorating everything in orange. My friends insisted their favorite color was orange to show their loyalty. Orange was no longer this warm, bright summer hue, but rather "UT Orange" that is harsh and blinding. Even writing about UT orange makes my lip curl... ugh, I just can't stand it. But thanks to Color Splash's David Bromstad, I've come to enjoy the combination of blue and orange!

I came across these photos this morning and I really love them, plus it reminded me of Alek's orange walls.
And believe me, it hasn't eluded me that I chose to create my blog with blue and orange... I'm a complicated person, what can I say?

{images by Cris Dobbins}


Julie said...

i love the motion in the figure across the painted bkground

Pretty Robotic said...

omg! i found ur blog via SE bloggers, but now i truly know why i get u! i'm from the north, but moved to vol city aka knoxville. and the vols, the traffic, the orange blaring in your eyes, and a bunch of *ahem* drunk rednecks is hard to take. but then again, i love it too. i didn't go to UT, so i totally avoided much of any of that anyway! so orange is sort of lovely. even if they bleed it? (i've heard that one, haha) i love the blue and orange combo, btw. <3