Love Pots

Clearly I've slowed my roll with the Fashion Week Recaps -- it was very ambitious to think that I could keep up! I'll get around to it because I enjoy it, but it'll just be more spread out. As much as I love going through all of the shows, it's hard to justify when I know I should be job-hunting.
I love this picture above and saved it a long time ago because it just makes me smile, titled "Love Pots." I could use a little Love Pot love today! There was a snag with my job offer, so I'm back to square one for the time being... can't seem to get a break, huh? Not even with a measly sales job!! The month's already half way gone, so now it's crunch time again, dreading the countdown to the last day of each month, when bills are due. Ok, pity party time over!! Now back to work, finding work.

{Image via the BBC}

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