Classic Beauty

I know we all love the classic beauties and find them so inspiring. I prefer to surround myself with classic clothing/decor/furniture/etc,etc that embraces the 21st century. My bathroom alone is a mini shrine to my classic inspirations to likes of Audrey, Marilyn, and Vivien Leigh.

I'm always looking for inspiration, so I decided to compile some sources and share them with you!

1. Polyvore: Love. Love. Love. So many fashionable ladies {and men} have put together some gorgeous ensembles that are directly inspired by your favorite fashion icons. Below is a sample of some Audrey-inspired outfits:
2. Silent Sundays: If your taste is closer to the 1920s, then you'll love Ms. Rhiannon Leifheit's tumblr that is reminiscent of flipping through old family albums.
3. Dallas Shaw: I absolutely love her art {and would actually buy some if I had a job!!} and think she perfectly captures and balances classic and modern beauty. Check out her etsy shop for more pieces like these:
4. My Vintage Vogue: This is a great little site that offers a vast library of vintage magazine covers, fashion illustrations and clothes, and stars with style, among many other categories.

5. ModCloth: I'm sure most {if not all} of you know the wonders of ModCloth, but if not, you're welcome! This is an amazing source for retro/vintage fashion, decor, and accessories alike. They have awesome one-of-a-kind pieces for great prices {like the dress in my wishlist} -- you can't go wrong!

I hope some of these sources help you find your inner-classic beauty and inspire you to a new level! Just for good measure, these are two of my favorite "inspired by" pictures {Audrey and Marilyn, respectively}:
Who is your favorite classic leading lady?

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Pretty Robotic said...

I love the Dallas Shaw pieces!