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Lonny {London+NY}
will be on the lips of all Domino lovers soon enough when the first issue of this online-based design magazine launches October 1. Former Domino editor Michelle Adams has paired up with Patrick Cline to help fill the void Domino left with an attempt to combine print and digital publishing.
"Lonny will be broken down into sections, similar to a print title, including front-of-book market pages, art and culture, fashion and features... The format will let readers “flip through pages,” much like a print magazine, and readers will be able to shop directly from the pages by clicking on items."
How great does this sound? It was a sad day when we lost Domino, and though some magazines have stepped up their content to help satisfy the displaced market, few have been able to successfully do so. I will miss the tangible pages of a traditional magazine, but I have high hopes for this online venture and can't wait to see the finished product! Go here to read the full article.

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