Manic Monday

If it has to be Monday, we can at least have a little fun..

A new year means new beginnings, step into the sun and feel renewed...

Welcome to the new year! Any good stories from the holidays? I'm sure there are, there always are! The new year officially means that 'the holiday season' in retail has come to a close, which I'm terribly happy about. Today is my second day off in a row and I'm a little afraid I won't want to go back! It's been wonderful, though, getting to do things at my leisure and be keeper of my own time. I hope your holiday break was relaxing and refreshing, because I have a feeling 2010 will be a big year, but more on that later... Happy Monday, friends, and do something great this week!

And three links to inspire you:
*A simple, yet delicious recipe from one of my favorite cooking blogs
*Ever read the Missed Connections page in Craigslist? This blog makes lovely illustrations out of them!
*If you'd like to make a difference in someone's life this year, visit Kiva.org to find out how you can help

{images via Art Pixie Tumblr}

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