Digital Goodness

I bet if you thought hard about it, you could probably guess what piece of digital delight I'm throwing up this week... Lady GaGa's new video for Bad Romance, of course!! Honestly, friends, I'm not the kind of person who gets starstruck or terribly excited over celebrities, at least not since I was 12 and fanatic for the Spice Girls. Until now. Lady GaGa rocks my socks and continues to blow my mind with every new song/video/outfit!
Love. her.

This song/video has been playing on repeat in my head for, oh, at least 36 hours now and has yet to get old. I don't see this obsession ending anytime soon, and I'm in for the long-haul! I hope you see the horrific creativity and beauty in this video that leaves the words psycho or genius on critics' lips... you're turn to decide:

p.s. The McQueen Claw and stiletto are to die for!! So amazing.

{Sidenote: it's a little strange how many different things she's promoting in this video... my count has 8 different product placements throughout the video: Apple iPod Classic, Parrot speakers by Starck, Nemiroff Vodka, HP beat Computer, Wii Remote, Carrera sunglasses, GaGa for HeartBeats by dr.Dre earbuds, and of course Alexander McQueen fashions. Knowing GaGa and that everything is deliberate, I wonder what the point of this is? I'd definitely say that product placement in 'art' is truly a Bad Romance...}

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