You Can Stand Under My Umbrella {ella..}

Today is the day for an umbrella in Louisville. It was not raining when I went into work {though I knew the risk} but I had to walk back to my car 3 hours later with raindrops splatting on my head. I have a lovely {shimmery} grey umbrella from United Colors of Benetton, but I'm really liking some of the options from Umbrellas.net:

Pretty advertisement for an umbrella company, no?
I've never seen a "pagoda" umbrella, but I love it!
If I ever need a new one, this will surely be what I purchase.
Clear umbrellas are awesome because I like watching the rain roll down the sides.
This is a pretty one that lets you watch the rain and stand out in a crowd!
Who doesn't love the reminder of flowers on a gloomy, rainy day?
If this were in beige and red it'd be perfect!

Do you love your umbrella? I once had one that was made out of a Monet canvas with reds, yellows, and oranges. It was my favorite, but I left it in a theater and someone snatched it up by the time I went back to get it! Sad day, but now I have my sparkly grey one which makes me very happy and satisfies my love for all things neutral. :)

{All images via Umbrella.net}

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The Bird said...

your post made me giggle, as my daughter is an avid collector of umbrellas :)