Purse... Pigs?

You either love or hate the trend of purse pets, but here's one for the books: Micro-Pigs! These tiny piglets are the fastest-growing pet craze in Britain and come with a hefty price tag at more than $1,100. When born, the pigs are the size of a tea cup, only about 6 inches tall!

Though they're adorably tiny when born, their full-grown size can be anywhere from 12-14 inches tall.

Low maintainence and loving, these pigs are a nice alternative to an indoor cat or dog, for some.

Now these things are precious and I'd love to hold one, but do I really want a full-grown pig running around after a year? Probably not, but the thought is nice!

Read the full story and video report here.

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Oh my goodness, I'm dying over here! I've always had a thing for pigs. That cat's expression is hysterical - he's like "what the heck are these things?"