Pearls {of Wisdom?}

1. My interview went very well yesterday! {Try not to get your hopes too high, and don't quit your search prematurely}
2. I have another interview tomorrow! {It's always good to have more than one option... eggs in one basket thing...}

3. Don't hold a campus event celebrating the statue that is central to a student tradition of streaking without expecting 15+ people to actually streak during the ceremony. {too funny.. all caught on tape!}

4. We had our end-of-the-year banquet last night for the Bonner Program and it was wonderful. We'll be losing a great class of seniors and it's sad to see them go. Last night got to me more than I anticipated -- it feels like I'm graduating all over again! The first year students, whom I work with mostly, gave me this necklace as a Thank You, and I love it!! I will miss them all :) {Sometimes your work is recognized and it makes all the times you've grumbled about your efforts melt away.}
5. Gloomy weather + Already tired You = Not so fun start to the day
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